Why Vector Systems?

Vector offers a wide range of 0/90, multiaxial, uni-directional and multilayer thermoplastic co-woven fabrics for the composite markets.  We are the exclusive licensee of  patent pending materials and processing technology that allows the thermoplastic prepreg a unique and competitive advantage in the area of resin content control.  This technology allows the manufacture of tightly controlled laminate thickness and low cured ply thickness variation.  The prepreg is also very” drapeable” and handles similarly to a dry fabric.  This is a significant advantage over the tradition “stiff and boardy” thermoplastic prepregs.

These attributes lead to more consistent parts and a friendlier manufacturing process as the prepreg conforms to highly contoured tooling and less of the thickness variation is contributed by the materials.  Our multiaxial and multilayer products can be supplied in widths up to 95 inches (2.4 meters), while our 2D fabrics and unidirectional products can be supplied in widths up to 195 inches (5 meters)